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Teambuilding, adventure events, courses. Various activities that aim to improve teamwork, improve relationships, efficiency, entertain participants, induce a good atmosphere, identify team issues. Every working team, small or large, new or longer working, needs regular incentives, experiences other than purely working. Unfortunately, the only non-working activity is often just Christmas parties. Good team building is not only to improve team functioning but also to entertain.


Proper and functional teambuilding is created for the needs of a particular group with regard to the focus, purpose and the participants themselves. Each group needs an individual approach. In order to prepare a functional program, it is necessary to know for which group it will be created. Each program is tailor-made, whether it's for employees, business leaders.. Experiential activities are also being prepared for  friends, family members, various associations. Various theme programs inspired by sports, movies, etc... Programs are created out door and in door. Programs can be with or without physical activity. It depends only on the arrangement and profile of the group.


Contact us with information about which group the program should be created, what the group's time options are. It is possible to create programs from short (from one to two hours) to several-day activities. We have our own transport ( and accommodation in Deštné v Orlických horách ( We also organize programs in English or German.


We will then suggest relevant activities, and together we will create a suitable program according to your preference.


We have many years of experience with organizing various experiential events. Do not hesitate to contact us, to confide your future experiences in the hands of professionals.


Team BN Aktivity s.r.o.

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